You can kiss me like that any time!

You can kiss me like that any time!

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Vintage Photographs of Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons


PHOTO OP: Itty Bitty Kitty on a Big, Big Chair

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Meet Trotter, the Most Fashionable Pup on Instagram

Mobile photo network Instagram is known for fashion photos and pet pics, but the best of both worlds are married by Trotter, a San Francisco Frenchie who knows how to step out in style.

She prefers to work with only one photographer, Sonya Yu.

“Sonya really captures Trotter’s essence,” says Randy Zed, the pup’s longtime publicist. “When it comes to high dog fashion, there’s really no one else on the scene today.”

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Can you believe how cute these little pigs are? The smallest pig is named Tetley, because he’s not much bigger than a cup of tea. 

Pennywell Farm in Devon, England is home to these incredibly tiny pigs. Touted as “the next perfect pet”, Pennywell’s Miniature Pigs are a variant on a rare breed from New Zealand. The Pennywell Farm began cross-breeding the pigs nine years ago. Farm co-owner Chris Murray wanted to breed the pocket-size pigs “so that children can enjoy giving them a cuddle.” He says they are easy to house train and have a good temperament. 

Murray also says these pets aren’t your average slothful porkers: “As pets, it is very important that the pigs are kept fit not fat.” The Pennywell Miniature can live for eight years or more (indeed one lived to the age of 14), so Murray tells prospective buyers that “a pig is not just for breakfast.” The Pennywell Farm website encourages owners to play games like “hunt the food” in order to bond with and enrich the lives of their tiny companions.

Photos by Richard Austin

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These awesome photos by German photographer Christopher Hassler, shot in a tunnel using a fisheye lens, have such a convincing tweaked perspective that they might just test the mettle of acrophobic viewers. We can feel our palms starting to sweat a little.

Check out more of his work on Facebook.

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